Park Run

The Park Run occurs every Saturday at 9:00am, the run is 5km and is timed so that you know if you are improving and is open to all abilities. So just turn up.
On line information
The run is completely run by volunteers, who are contactable at e-mail contact:

Dog Walkers

Numerous (greater than 250 per day) people use Barclay Park to walk their dogs, most are local but others travel some distance to use the park as a change of venue for dog walking. Many dog walkers use the park as a means of socialising with fellow dog walkers. There are waste disposal bins at all exits and most owners use these in a responsible way to clean up after thier pets.

Fitness Squad

The Fitness Squad exercise class are run by Army trained professionals PT instructors. The class in Barclay Park is run on a Tuesday 9:30am to 10:30am.
Telephone: 0800 270 7766
Web site: Fitness Squad

Lucy Kennedy also leads the free Health walk that starts outside Your Town Cafe in Falkon Walk on Monday mornings at 9:30am.
The walk is approx 2 miles (about 45 minutes) and does a complete circuit of Barclay Park on route.

Moving Mum's

The Moving mum's exercise class are for women to exercise with their baby's and to socialise. A fun and friendly fitness session in the park for women of all abilities.
class runs on Thursday 9:15am
Cost: £5 a session
Contact: Lucy Kennedy, telephone: 07957 860 268


A number of the Junior school's in the area have taken part in bulb planting in Barclay Park and as of 2016 nearly 40,000 daffodil, bluebell, crocus and snowdrop bulbs have been planted.


In Barclay Park there is a large children's play area with many swings/slides and various other rides. Also close by is a purpose built multi-games court for uses such as netball/basketball/football etc.

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