Latest Friends of Barclay Park News

All the best to Pam Hallesy (our current park manager) who at the end of October will be moving to pastures new and therefore leaving the area. Over the years she has been great inspiration for the Friends of Barclay Park, we wish her all the best for the future.

The Friends of Barclay Park volunteer days in November and December have both been cancelled while a replacement Park Manager is recruited.


A rare fungi was found in Barclay park earlier in 2017, this has been confirmed as Phallus impudicus var togatus by Kew gardens and a specimen from Barclay Park has been added to their sample bank.
Only 38 specimens of this fungi have ever been recorded in the UK upto this date and only 1 other specimen in Hertfordshire.


A second interesting fugii has been found in the park, Inonotus dryadeus, commonly known as oak bracket, warted oak polypore, weeping polypore or weeping conk, is an inedible species of fungus belonging to the genus Inonotus, which consists of bracket fungi with fibrous flesh. Most often found growing at the base of oak trees, it causes white rot and decay of the trunks. It secretes an amber liquid which weeps from tubes in its upper surface.


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