Barclay Park Heritage Lottery Fund Project 2, 2016-2017.

Following a previous successful project in 2012 the Friends of Barclay Park working with The Borough of Broxbourne submitted another application to the Heritage Lottery Fund and after one failed attempt the second bid was successful. In April 2016 we received £84,300 from the HLF, along with Broxbourne council contribution of £9,000 and the Friends of Barclay Park contribution of £2,163 we had a project budget of £95,463.

The project consisted of 6 elements:-
1. Completion of the lake restoration of the banks to the southern side and the island
2. Widening a section of pathway in front of the woodland
3. Volunteer training on designing a website
4. Volunteer training on delivering Pond dipping activities
5. Cleaning and restoration of 2 Pulham Bridges
6. Installation of 3 pond dipping platforms.

1 The lake.

Work was carried out by A.G.A contractors between 3 May and 6 June 2016. The south bank of the lake had wooden log roll as a bank installed approximately 30 years ago, this was breaching in several places and was also a very sterile habitat for wildlife. The island was severely undercut due to the erosion of the banks all the way around. The old log roll bank was removed and new banks were created using log poles, hazel faggots and pre planted coir rolls, the silt from the lake was used to backfill behind the new banks. Wire cages were added to protect aquatic marginal from grazing waterfowl. The area was fenced to keep the public away from the area until the silt had dried out and hardened and the planting had established.

2. Contractors were onsite from 6 July – 2 Aug 2016, they dug out the old narrow footpath excavated a larger area, lined with wooden batons and then infilled, finishing off with tarmac. The new path has been very popular particularly with the Park Run members and our visitors with limited mobility, wheelchair users and buggy pushers!

3. In September 4 volunteers from The Friends of Barclay Park started a 12 week City and Guilds Course is designing and developing a website. The course was successfully completed by all parties and you are currently looking at the result. The Friends of Barclay park website was launched in February 2017.

4. We held a pond dipping training day on 14 September not only for our own volunteers but we also extend the invitation to other Friends Groups across Hertfordshire. In total 12 people took part. The training was delivered by The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority Schools and training team. We had a half day of theory, risk assessment and child protection issues and then the rest of the day was spent pond dipping at Abbey Gardens and identifying what we found. A really great day and 5 Barclay Park Volunteers are now able to assist the park manager in delivering these activities. The first session is planned for 13 May as part of our weekend of celebration marking the 80th anniversary of Barclay Park.

5. The Pulham Bridges.

Work started on the Pulham Bridges in Nov 2016 after a very lengthy combined tendering process, the contract was won and awarded to P.A.Y.E. The first stage was to clean all sides of both bridges and apply an algae inhibitor, scaffolding was erected and a very thorough inspection was carried out, bricks to be replaced were identified and quantities calculated and these then had to made specially to provide the best match for the original. Sadly after the initial works had started a severe frost caused some of the new repairs to blow so work was halted until weather conditions were more favourable, the damaged work was repaired and all other work was completed in April 2017.

6. The Wednesday volunteers installed three pond dipping platforms which were supplied in kit form on 26 April and completed on 10 May.

This was the completion of the project.


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