The Friends of Barclay Park consist of approximately 166 people of whom the following are on the committee.
Chair: Peter Grant
Secretary: Theresa Casbard
Park Manager: Pam Hallesey
Treasurer: Elaine Lovick

Donation from members are made annually but are optional, these funds are used to keep Park projects ongoing.

A number of groups of volunteers work in the park, the most important being the litter pickers who go out in most weather conditions to tidy up mess that has been left by the public.
The friends of Barclay Park have a volunteer group that go into the park on the first saturday of each month to complete alloted tasks.
The Wednesday volunteers (Eric Dunell's group) also operate in the park several times a year, on larger jobs where a significant amount of work has to be undertaken.

Pulham Bridges
In the park there are two pulham bridges which are a rarity, they were built by the Pulham Company of Broxbourne for Robert Barclay in the late 1800's. The bridges were both on the main drive way of the Barclays estate up to the house at High Leigh. The first and grandest bridge is just before the lodge house at the entrance to the park, the second bridge takes the path across the spitalbrook stream. The bridges are made from individually moulded bricks and both have recently (2016) been renovated.

Pulham bridge before restoration

Pulham bridge after restoration

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