1. The Group shall be called “The Friends of Barclay Park”

2. Objectives
a To protect and conserve the character of Barclay Park (as detailed in the original gift) for present and future generations.
b To advise, and where possible to assist, the Broxbourne Borough Council in managing Barclay Park as an enjoyable and safe environment, freely accessible to all ages and regardless of impediment.
c To provide a two-way communication between the Council and the local community regarding the management and development of the park, by the creation and distribution of newsletters and press releases, websites, email and all other available forms of media.
d To encourage any who wish to undertake active conservation work or raise funds for specific projects.

3. Membership
Membership of the group shall be open to anyone interested in and supportive of the aims of the group. As a token of membership, members will be asked to pay a nominal agreed annual sum.

4. General Activities
a The activities of the group shall be conducted so as to ensure that there is no discrimination on any grounds.
b The affairs of the group will be organised by a committee, consisting of a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and other members deemed appropriate, elected annually by and from members of the group.
c General meetings of all members will be called at least twice a year, including an AGM.
d Additional (extra-ordinary) general meetings (EGMs) may be called at the request of at least 5 members. Such a meeting would require a minimum of fourteen days notice given to members and any decision shall be made only with the approval of at least 70% of the members attending.

5. Finances
All monies received by the group shall be paid into an account in the name of “Friends of Barclay Park”, held at the Hoddesdon Branch of the Nationwide Building Society. Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer, submitted for independent examination and presented at the AGM. Interim statements will be presented at GM’s and EGM’s.
Cheques over £50 require the approval of the committee and all cheques shall be signed by two officers.

6. Insurance
Insurance cover for members involved in voluntary activities within Barclay Park and arranged through the Park Manager, shall be the responsibility of Broxbourne Borough Council.
All members shall ensure the Health & Safety of others in their actions.

7. Changes to the Constitution
Changes shall be made only with the approval of at least 70% of the members attending an EGM / AGM.

8. Closure
In the event of the group deciding to disband, all assets shall pass to our nominated charity, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust.



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