AGM 2016


Held at 7pm on MONDAY, 14th JUNE, 2016

Committee Present:
Peter Grant (PG) - Chairman & Membership Secretary
Elaine Lovick (EL) - Treasurer
Marjorie Boulton (MB) - Committee Member
Pam Hallesy (PH) - Parks Manager
Jill Grant (JG) - Minute Taker

Apologies: Bob & Teresa Ivison, Alan & Theresa Casbard, Peter Lardi, Pauline Barclay, Tony Clayton, Cllr Tim Hutchings, Cllr Suzie MacLeod, Ced de la Croix, Peter Worth, Cllr Dee Hart, Sylvia Hyland, Millie Skelton, Dave Renouf, Monica Gilmartin.

Friends members present: Fred Hyland, CCllr Alan Searing, Ray Tigwell, Mary & Mark Wipperman, Diane Smith, Erin Cavell, Gill Woolgar, Christine Barclay, Malcolm Ellis, Sue & Peter Garside, Glenys Lardi.

Also in attendance: Dave Goodwin (Park Run)

1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies

The Chairman opened the meeting, welcomed members and gave apologies.

2. Minutes of Last Annual General Meeting

There were no matters arising from the Minutes of the last AGM held on Monday, 15th June 2015. Members were informed that all FoBP Minutes are now available on the Broxbourne Council website. The Minutes were approved and accepted as being a true and accurate record.

3. Chairman’s Report

PG thanked the Committee for their work during this year and attending Committee Meetings most months. Thank you to Alan and Theresa for allowing us to hold meetings at their home and for their hospitality. Thank you to all volunteer groups who help to maintain and improve Barclay Park – the monthly members’ group, the Wednesday volunteers and the schools; and to those individuals who also play their part very enthusiastically.
Nearly 300 children took part in the Easter Egg Hunt this year on a wet and cold day. Duck food was available to purchase encouraging people not to feed them bread which would harm the birds. Thank you to the Air Cadets who again helped on the day. PH told the meeting how valuable the Cadets are as they are first-aid trained and have walkie-talkies. The Hunt raised £305.07 plus £12 from the sale of duck food.
Regarding the World War 1 Meadow, not much has been done during this year – the ground needs rotavating so we will ask the Council to quote for the work and the Friends may be able to pay for it. We are looking to purchase 2 benches to commemorate WW1 which will be placed in that part of the Park. The Committee has suggested that in the future we develop a commemorative wall with plaques, as there will be no more benches allowed in the Park and proceeds from these will go to the Friends.
Thank you to Pam who organized a History Walk which raised £50 for the Friends. Di Smith asked whether Bowmans could sell duck food as another source for park visitors – it could be mentioned on Facebook.

4. Treasurer’s Report

EL presented the accounts for year ended 31st May 2016. Receipts totalled £43,041.84, including £42,150.00 Lottery funding. Payments for the year were £368.55, resulting in net receipts of £42,673.29. Cash funds, after an opening balance of £2,690.07, stand at £45,363.36. The Treasurer’s Report was adopted by Fred Hyland and seconded by Mark Wipperman. Thanks were given to Elaine for all her hard work.

5. Membership Secretary’s Report

PG reported that we have 156 members with donations this year totaling £382, whereas on Facebook we have 334 viewers. Thank you to Diane for all her help spreading our news. PG issued a reminder that membership donations are due at this time of year. Cheques for any amount can be sent to Elaine Lovick, 11 St Margarets Road, Hertford, Herts SG12 8EP, or put through the door of Peter Grant 45 Park View, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 8QA.

6. Park Manager’s Report

The Chair invited David Goodwin (DG) to tell the meeting about Park Run. DG explained that Park Run occurs every Saturday at 9 am, with 50 – 60 runners in a timed event. It is 3 laps of the Park which adds up to 5 Km. On the 1st anniversary Di Smith was invited to be the guest starter. Participants take between 19 and 45 minutes to complete the course. It is free to take part and run by volunteers. PG said that the Lottery funded works include widening one of the paths which will help the runners, as well as other park users. PG thanked DG, saying that the Committee is happy for the Park Run to take place.
PH informed the meeting that we will be awarded the Green Flag this year and that we will be mystery shopped. If anybody notices any problems in the Park, such as part of a tree fallen down, to advise her so that it can be cleared quickly. A point was raised about bins in the Park. PH advised the meeting that our current bins will remain. They are dual-purpose – dog waste and rubbish but if it is noticed that there is rubbish around a bin then please telephone the Council Offices to advise them.
PH reported on the Heritage Lottery Fund work. The lake and island part of the project had been completed and she was happy with the product and in six months’ time it will look very good. The pond dipping platforms will be completed by the Wednesday volunteers very shortly. PH said she was looking for people to take part in a pond-dipping course organized by Lea Valley Park Education Service. Anyone interested please contact Pam on 01992 785555 Ext 5620. Renovation of the Pulham Bridge has been put out to joint tender by the Council at the same time as project work will be undertaken for Lowewood Museum. Also the widening of the pathways in front of the wooded area within Barclay Park will be undertaken shortly.
Under the Heritage Lottery Fund two people, Mark Wipperman and Di Smith will attend a website building and maintenance course later this year, attaining an NVQ qualification.
PH is planning a tree trail of 20 different trees around Barclay Park. Bob Ivison is producing a map with the 20 trees located on it and each tree will have a tree tag with a number on it. The trail will be on the council website and users will be able to download and print off and then follow the trail.

7. Election of Officers

All the Committee was willing to continue and happy to stand again so PH proposed this and Di Smith seconded – all were accepted. PH reminded the meeting that there were still two vacancies on the Committee of media officer and volunteer co-ordinator.

8. Any Other Business

Christine Barclay informed the Meeting that her mother, Pauline, was 92 and was having a party to celebrate on the date when Barclay Park was first opened. She also had scanned old photos of High Leigh and the Pulham Bridge.
Glenys Lardi informed the meeting that Sheredes School was changing its name to the Robert Barclay Academy.
Di Smith (DS) informed the meeting that Asda in Ware was awarding FoBP as one of their charity shoppers for the months of June, July and August. PH thanked DS for this and for all her help with litter-picking and handing out membership forms. PG thanked Sue and Peter Garside for showing Tina Rowland around the Park, helping her with her project.
It was noted that Regiment Fitness are now training in different areas of the Park.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4 October 2016 in the Dinant Room, The Spotlight at 7pm. All welcome.

The meeting closed at 8pm.


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